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  1. At the U.S. Space & Rocket Center®, we take the Farm-to-Table movement one step further by featuring a Mars-to-Table experience. Our Space Camp® students and guests in our Mars Grill® may select from a variety of food while viewing the crops growing in our aeroponic gardens. The Rocket Center began this project to illustrate to our guests and Camp students how NASA is experimenting with plant growth in space.

  2. Executive Chef Clementine deRoode leads our food service team, which includes a staff nutritionist. In our Camp Crew Galley, Camp participants select from a variety of foods available in our four food stations:

1 CrewGalleyBreakfast_lrg
2 CrewGalleyinternational1_lrg
3 CrewGalleyinternational2_lrg
4 CrewGalleyinternational3_lrg
5 CrewGalleyinternational4_lrg
6 CrewGalleyChickensand.spfries_lrg
7 CrewGalleyChickenfingers.fries_lrg
8 CrewGalleypizza_lrg
9 CrewGalleyburger_lrg
10 CrewGalleySalad1_lrg
11 CrewGalleySalad2_lrg
13 CrewGalleySalad_lrg
14 CrewGalleyVegetarianline_lrg
15 CrewGalleyvegeline_lrg

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We make every effort to accommodate Camp participants with severe food allegories and can serve diets free of corn, eggs, gluten, dairy, nuts, seafood, soy, beef, chicken, turkey and pork. To meet these needs, the allergy section of the health form must be completed during registration.

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